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  • 2004 Reunion Recap

    On Saturday August 7,2004, the MacKay Clan held its 36th annual reunion 
    at the Knights of Columbus on Grand Island.  
    The day started with golf at the Evergreen Golf Course at 7:30 in the morning.  
    After the golf everyone met at the Knights of Columbus for the rest of the day’s events.  
    At 12:30 the meeting was called to order by Chieftain Ken MacKay.  
    Chris Martineck was once again the Master of Ceremonies.
    Children’s Games were held.  
    Those participating were:  Michael, Madison, Carissa, Taylor, and Samantha, 
    			   Julia, Nina, Ryan and Raymond 
    In the adult game, the Water Balloon Toss,the winners were:
    1.	Cory Watts and Kristin
    2.	Mike and Sue Sarra
    3.	Kristina Watts and Jon
    The Lad and Lassie Baseball game was won by the boys team 8-7.  
    The MVP awards went to Raymond Ritz and Chelsea Ballachino.
    Those recognized for their baking skills in the Dessert Contest were:
    1.  Julia Nau           Cookies and Cream
    2.  Phyllis MacKay 	Orange Summertime Cake
    3.  Lynn Watts		Blueberry
    After being totally frustrated by Gary’s Trivia Games, the winners were:
    1.	Lisa Schenk           	5 right
    2.	Monica MacKay    	4 right
    3.	Judy Martineck      	4 right
    “0” right:  Christine Sarra, Don Martineck, Rod Ritz
    The Price Is Right
    1.	Jim Watts
    2.	Brittany Ballachino
    “0” right:    Rod Ritz
    1.	Dawn Sutton
    2.	Scott Martineck
    3.	Roy McCready