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  • 2003 Reunion Recap

    On Saturday August 2,2003, the MacKay Clan held its 35th annual reunion at the Knights of Columbus on Grand Island. The day started with golf at the Evergreen Golf Course at 7:30 in the morning. After the golf everyone met at the Knights of Columbus for the rest of the day’s events. At 12:30 the meeting was called to order by Chieftain Ken MacKay. Chris Martineck was the Master of Ceremonies and enlightened us with the top ten possible meanings for “MANU FORTI”, seven of which have been saved for posterity: 7. Ooops! Can I hit another one? 6. I say I’m staying for one, but I’m really staying until close. 5. Men, hide your wives, daughters,and sheep. 4. Kiss the cook. 3. Who has passed gas? 2. I’m not sure… I don’t care… It doesn’t matter…etc. 1. I left my wallet at home, can you cover me? Next the Children’s Games were held. Those participating were: Ethan, Julia, Chelsea, Michael, Madison, Cameron, Carissa, Taylor, and Samantha. In the adult game, the Water Balloon Toss,the winners were: 1. Amy Martineck and Scott Martineck 2. Kris Watts and Patrick McCready 3. Sandy McCready and Parker MacKay The Lad and Lassie Baseball game was won by the girls team. The MVP awards went to Madison Ballachino and Michael McCarthy. Those recognized for their baking skills in the Dessert Contest were: 1. Judy Martineck raspberry brownies 2. Eileen Lawrence crème d’ menthe cookies 3. Ginny Clark key lime pie After being totally frustrated by Gary’s Trivia Games, the winners were: Who Are These People? 1. Judy Martineck 2. Sue Sarra, Kevin Ballachino, Marjie Nau, Mary Jane McCarthy, Pam Ballachino, and Chris Martineck. The Answers Are Right In Front Of You 1. Roger MacKay 2. Marjie Nau and Kevin Ballachino What State Am I ? 1. Amy Martineck 2. Emily Martineck and Judy Martineck